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Did you know there are actual steps you can take to create an amazing life? In this blog we look at how you find your life purpose, financial freedom and a tool we found that shows you how to build a life you love. | purpose of life | what is the purpose of life | purpose of life pictures | purpose of life motivation | purpose of life lessons | purpose of life ideas | purpose of life inspiration | purpose of life articles | purpose of life encouragement | #purposeoflife #whatisthepurposelife

Are You Happy With Your Life?

Most people are not happy with their lives. They don’t like their job, the people around them are not elevating them, they are financially not making ends meet and they don’t know how to motivate themselves do to something about it.

Some people have money but don’t feel fulfilled by the work they are doing and also feel stuck in a rut. This is not a great place to be but there is a way to move towards a life that will give you fulfillment. 

Life is a juggling act. You have to work on your physical health, your money, build relationships and pulling all of that together will give you the feeling of fufilment…but it is not easy. 

"Everyone wants the good life but not everyone gets the good life".

Your First Time Here?

Before you dip into article on building a great life I wanted to say hello to any new visitors!

My name is Rachel Swan and I am part of the team at A Life With Intention. I write most of our blogs but the ideas behind them are a team effort.

We work hard to create content that will help and inspire you and our mission is to share our journey of growth to help other people on theirs.

We hope that the content that we post here will be helpful to you. 

Ok intro over enjoy article! 🙂

Can Money Fix Everything?

Money is usually touted as the cure-all fix for our problems and although is it scientifically proven that earning over a certain amount can make you happier by giving you freedom and options; you still need a balanced life.

On your road to wealth if you ostracise friends, neglect your health and end up lonely…that is one step forward and two steps back.

We all need money to live but most people would love to find a way to earn enough money to have freedom in their choices and do it in a way that they feel fulfilled. 

Can I Save My Way To Financial Freedom?

You can’t save money to get the life you want because even when you put money in the bank the economy spends it for you in the form of inflation and devaluation. Will Durant said “no wise person saves to be wealthy”.

The things we spend our money on are things that depreciate like rent, food, cars (we understand you need to eat and live somewhere) but what you should be looking for a good return on investment; you should invest in yourself. 

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” Warren Buffet

What is The 67 Steps?

The 67 Steps is an online program (made up of 67 online videos that you access online) taught by Tai Lopez, that can help you relearn how to look at life by learning frameworks of thought from some of the most influential thinkers of our time. 

The programme was born from the entrepreneur Tai Lopez wanting to put together all the tips he had learnt from his books and mentors to give to his employees.

It was a huge list of 300 tips. Tai was shown an article that scientists in London had discovered that to change your life the average person needs 66 days. It being to close to 666 he add on more day for good measure and the “The 67 steps” were born. 

The 67 Steps is an educational program that distills history’s greatest knowledge on health, wealth, love, and happiness in one, convenient place. It is program for anyone at any age at any point in their lives.  

How Can The 67 Steps Help You?

Here are a few of the areas that The 67 Steps can help you.

1) Knowing your life purpose.

How many people do you know that know why they are here and what they are meant to do with the finite time they have? 
Very few people get to a place where they can confidently say what their life purpose is. Having that assurance in yourself is foundational to living a full life. It will mean that life isn’t separated into work and holidays; you will just be on your purpose. It sounds like someone is selling you a pipeline dream but it is possible and many people are living in this reality and you could too. 
Here are some tips we learnt from The 67 Steps that helped us understand how to work out the direction we should go with our lives. 
  • What did you want to do when you were 14 years old?
    At 14 our IQ peaks and we are in a very comfortable stage in our lives as we are usually living with our parents, you have low level of fear (in general) and so you see things clearly.
  • What have strangers complimented you on since you were young?
    Compliments from people you don’t know is big indication of what you are good at.
  • What did you grow up around?
    What we grew up around ha a big impact on many interests in our lives.
  • What have you been doing the last ten years?
    Never discount the experience you have built in a particular field even if it was something you didn’t enjoy.
  • When you are out on a Saturday night not working, what can you talk about effortlessly all night? 
    What you enjoy talk about in your spare time is a huge indicator of the type of things that you are really into.
 2) Learning how to win friends and influence people. 
Having good social skills will help build relationships, find mentors, investors, a partner. They say that your income will be the average of the five people you spend your time with so being able to understand the dynamics of building relationships is really important. 
3) Know what motivates you and how to overcome procrastination. 
Procrastination is the killer of hopes and dreams. You may have all the intention in the world to do great things but if you can’t get motivated and overcome procrastination, those great things may never happen. 

"If you ever have to take a vacation from work, never come back”. Joel Salitan

Is There Any Science To Back This Program?

German Garcia-Fresco, PhD. Director-Adpative Neuroscience Research Institute (ANRI) 
“This system has a real foundation in science, it’s rather ingenious. They have analyzed the scientific studies and used the latest cognitive research to develop a methodology that accelerates the success cycle, using the same framework that I have employed in my 20-year career in neuroscience. Although I am not always comfortable realizing how some people might use this for purely materialistic endeavors, I am impressed by their use of the scientific method, that they base their techniques on empirical research. I respect the granular detail and unbiased conclusions. I am sure that men and women of all ages who want to build a higher and more importantly a well-rounded life of success will benefit immensely from this practical programme”. 

Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an investor who came from an impoverished background and through his own search for a better life found his way to creating ‘the good life’. 

He has started 12 million dollar companies, traveled to 51 countries seeking out mentors, reads a book a day and in 2014 he had 1.2 million in his online book club, he has lived with the Amish for two and half years, he is a member of Mensa, trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and lives in the Hollywood hills. 

His search started as a young entrepreneur seeking mentors which led him to people like Joel Salatin, Alan Nation and many others.

He gets accused of being a scam artist and that the cars and home that are featured in his many ads are all rented. He has addressed this in a very honest way and said he likes cars and so he spends some of his money on cars.

He also knows that young people see the results from the knowledge he has implemented and this works as an incentive for many of them by leading with reward. You can see the results of this as he has got a huge amount of young people reading and we think that is a great thing.

Some people are annoyed that he features girls in some of his videos which is fair enough but he also has many videos with the important women in his life; his Grandmother and his cousin Maya. Maya works with him and that is also a very significant thing people never mention. 

We don’t know Tai personally but what we do know is that Tai is not perfect… because none of us are. If you looked deep enough into anyone’s life you would find something to dislike or disagree with.

What we have seen is that he has a very strong social media presence and if you follow him you will see him promoting positive ideas (especially to young people) that help people become the greatest versions of themselves and this is a good thing for our world.  

What We Thought Of The 67 Steps

We came across Tai Lopez in an interview on a podcast called London Real. The guy seemed to make a lot of sense with what he said and was very passionate about helping other people live a fulfilled life. 

We signed up for his book club which at the time had around 1 million people on it and from there we found The 67 Steps

We signed up and went through the program and we had great results. 

We all started to read more and not just read more, we were given a guide on what to read and how to approach the process of reading. That inspired the blog we made called “How to Read a Book”. Reading has helped many people in our team negotiate work they wanted, avoid bad relationships, find partners, attract investors and take bigger risks.  

We want to make it clear that The 67 Steps is NOT a get rich scheme. What he is trying to do is give a breakdown of the most important things that he thinks people should consider in their life choices. 

We found the content to be strong and although we have read people say that Tai waffles and repeats himself. We found that the repetition helped us internalise the concepts.

It is worth keeping in mind the way we approach things is to research a product, try it out (especially if it offers a money back guarantee) and see if it helps us. If it doesn’t then we discard it and move on.

Why We Do Courses
Courses are a fantastic way of boosting your growth if you apply the good stuff that is in them. We have done courses where there has only been one nugget of gold but for us it was worth it to find that one nugget. 

In our opinion The 67 Steps has more than one nugget and it was also one of the inspirations for us to start A Life With Intention.

Below are a few key themes that resonated with us from the program

Humility is a powerful attitude and people mistake for weakness. If you are humble you have realised you don’t know everything and you need to learn from other people to move forward and progress. 
Your age doesn’t matter. “Today you are the oldest you’ve  ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again”. Whatever age you are, you have immense potential and you have knowledge and opportunities at your fingertips. 
Wealth is only one component of the good life. 
The first person you must persuade is yourself. 
Make your life a sculpture; every day you chip away to create something beautiful. 
Your Life
Slight tweaks in peoples lives can do a lot.
The Majority
Ignore the majority
When in doubt just do something. Action will always lead to a result. Whether a bad one or a good one at least you’re learning. Doing nothing gets you nowhere.

Work out your end game goal.

Trial and error to get your to success point is time-consuming! So learning from others mistakes and success is a sure way to get where you want to go quicker.

The Law of 33%
You should surround yourself with 33% of people who you can help, 33% of the people should be the same level as you and the last 33% are people who are ahead of you; your mentors.

Test Ideas
Tai says to test the ideas that he presents to you. If they don’t work for you, stop. 
Getting What You Want
To get what you want you have to deserve what you want, the world not yet a crazy enough place to reward a lot of undeserving people – Charlie Munger.
Know Thyself
This is key.
You have lifetime access to the program so for us it has become a reference that we will keep going back to and it has proved to be a great resource. 

What Have People Said About The 67 Steps?

The 67 Steps has helped over 150,000 people which is quite amazing and and has generated more than 300,000 positive comments and reviews. You can read a few below. 

Leonie Fisher

“I recently moved to L.A. I was stuck at a desk job but since the 67 steps I was able to quit my job. Wherever you are in life you can benefit from the 67 steps. I am a happier person because I get paid for doing what I love to do. When you find something this good you have to share it with your friends”.


“Over the years I have searched for better ways to live a happier life through motivational speakers and self help books. Instead of those things helping me I found they only maintained the status quo. Now that I have found out about the 67 steps, it has not only become my guide it has helped open doors it has helped increase my income. I now encourage all my friends and family to join. This is literally life changing”. 

Francesca Richie

“I have been a member for over a year now, I have grown tremendously. Everything is delivered in a clear digestible way. I now understand how important ones mindset and habits are when wanting to become successful in life”.

 Elitta McGain

“When I asked this delivered. Since I began I found the courage to live my lives purpose. The last few months I found the perfect business partner, with full creative expression and the ability to travel the world doing what I love most. It’s everything I have ever wanted and more, I am truly grateful for the programme”. 

What Does It Look Like Inside The Program?

Below is a screenshot of the main page inside the website. It is very clear and easy to navigate so you won’t get lost. 

Below is a shot where the lessons are found which on the top and along the side. 

The side navigation gives a breakdown of what the lesson is about. 

Another nice feature is that they have made the ‘steps’ available for download and there is a worksheet with each ‘step’ to help you internalise the concepts. 

Another great feature is that you can watch the videos at faster speeds. This is really handy for people who love time hacks and the videos are responsive at the highest speed x2 and Tai doesn’t sound like a chipmunk. 

There is a comment section below the video which asks you a question based on what you have heard. This is another handy teaching aid that can help you think about what you have listened to and internalise the ideas. 

Do They Offer Money Back Guarantee?

They offer a 60 days money back guarantee which means you could go through the whole program and if you feel it was of no benefit, you could get your money back. 


Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that at NO additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. If you do click through and make a purchase THANKYOU!

When Should You Start?

If you’d like help with shortcutting your success and replacing your bad habits with good ones then click the link and try The 67 Steps

It’s suite of powerful digital training tools that have changed the lives of thousands around the world.

If you are interested in finding out more click the link and you will be taken to watch some free training that will help you start your journey for a great life.

Thankyou for your time! 

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Did you know there are actual steps you can take to create an amazing life? In this blog we look at how you find your life purpose, financial freedom and a tool we found that shows you how to build a life you love. | purpose of life | what is the purpose of life | purpose of life pictures | purpose of life motivation | purpose of life lessons | purpose of life ideas | purpose of life inspiration | purpose of life articles | purpose of life encouragement | #purposeoflife #whatisthepurposelife

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