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How To Create a Business You Can Run From Anywhere - A Life With Intention

How To Create a Business You Can Run From Anywhere

Making money online is something everyone is trying out but regardless of your niche, you will need to know how to drive traffic to your blog of service. In this blog we look at a tool we found that can teach you digital marketing skills. | social media agency | how to start a social media business | social media agency branding | social media agency digital marketing | social media agency tips | social media agency | #socialmediaagency… #socialmediamarketing #socialmediamanagement #socialmedia

Is Freedom Possible?

Most people want to have a great life where they have work they love doing while earning a decent amount of money. 

We don’t want to be another group that sells you empty hopes but we do believe it is possible. One option to do this, is to start your own business. 

The two things you need to start a successful business is to work hard and work smart. 

Working hard means be willing to put in the required graft so that everything that needs to get done to get the business started, gets done.

Working smart means finding the right people who can give you the exact blueprint of what you need to do and think about to get started. These mentors and teachers will be people who have done what you are trying to do and can give you the exact roadmap, which includes the roads to avoid.  


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What This Article is About

Having your own business is a great way to create financial independence and in this article we want to share with you some details and our thoughts on a program called The Social Media Marketing Agency. This program gives you a business model that is very easy to startup and you can run it from anyway in the world. 

If you are interested starting a business at a low cost then it is worthing reading through this article. If you already have a business but want to learn more about social media this course could be a great resource for you too. 

Catch Trends and Take Opportunities

Opportunities come and go but part of being successful is seeing trends and taking opportunities. Nine people were invited by Mark Zuckerberg to become partners in Facebook and only two showed up.

Facebook is now worth around $350 billion. When Jeff Bezos was forming Amazon he offered one of the lawyers 5% of Amazon if he invested $25,000-50K into the project. That guy was busy and missed out as Amazon is now worth around $430 billion.

Understanding social media will create opportunities as it is still in its infancy stage and will be a huge part of future. 

Social media is rapidly becoming the new norm so every business will need to understand and use social media or they will miss out on growth.

Check out some of the stats below that show you the huge numbers of people on social media.

As a point of clarification, we are showing you these numbers to indicate how important it is to have an understanding of social media. Your customers are online so knowing how to reach them and engage with them is a necessity. 
– Facebook has over 1.19 Billion users per month 
– 1 in 5 adults (18-24) use twitter daily. 
– 9 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook each month
– Twitter is adding 300k users per day
– YouTube reaches more US adults than any cable network. 
– 92% of companies use social media for recruitment
– Women 18-29 are the power uses on the web
– There are 2.3 billion active social media users
– Instagram has roughly 600 million active users per month
– There are 3.5 billion searches per day
Not only are there a huge amount of people online, most businesses are not taking advantage of this.

A lot of companies have very bad websites that are out of date and not created with the right tools that will help them have visibility online.

They also don’t know how to use social media and still see it as something they should just have but they don’t see its huge potential. 

“You want to learn from mistakes, but they don't have to be yours”. Warren Buffet

The Business Model

The Social Media Marketing Agency course is roadmap to starting a business. The business model they suggest is to get small to large businesses to pay you 1-10k a month to manage their social media and internet marketing.

It is a great business model for people of any age who want to be able to work from anywhere and this program has changed a lot of peoples lives.

Part of the reason it has been so effective is because the training to start this business is much shorter than any university degree at a fraction of the course. 

Two Ways To Look At This Course

One way to look at the course is that it can help you create a social media marketing agency. The other way to look at the course if you already have a business is training for your company.

You will need social media for your business unless you want to leave money on the table so knowing how social media works and what you need to delegate will help any business you are running. 

We would go as far as to say that everyone needs these skills if you want to stay ahead of the curve. These are the skills of the future so it is worth investing in yourself.

What you Get in the course

Phase 1: Business Setup
This phase focuses on the business setup looking at the business model, naming your company, forming your company and other content on the first steps of starting your business.

Phase 2 : Mastering Social Media
This phase teaches you the technical side of using the social media platforms like Facebook ads, making videos go viral and many other techniques specific to a range of social media platforms. Some of these are very in depth so there is no way you will digest it without trying it and watching them more than twice. 

Phase 3 : Acquiring Clients
In this phase you will learn a lot of techniques on how to get clients, what you should say to win their business, the type of objections that they will have and how you respond to those objections. 

Phase 4 : Automating, Servicing & Building Your Team
This phase is to give you the structure of building a team,  servicing your clients and automation. 

Facebook community
The community is really interactive on this program. You will get connected to lot of other people on the SMMA Facebook page who share their insights and journey. The value in the community is huge. 

Cheat sheets
There are downloadable cheatsheets on some of the lessons which are really handy to have and serve and a greats resource. 

SMMA Live Calls Vault
These are live calls that are over an hour each hosted by experts in a certain field like Instagram or online sales funnels. These are also extremely good resources and have a huge amount of value in them because of the experience of the people teaching them. 

Concierge Call
Some one from The Knowledge Society will call to see how you are doing and help you with any sticking points you may be having. 
Social Media Certification
They do offer certification which you could use to show potential clients but you can get results without it. To get the certification you have to go through the whole course and answer the questions at the end of each lesson. 

Who Teaches The Course?

The course is taught by industry experts. Each one has their own specialism and each one has been extremely successful at what they are teaching.
It was great finding out who the leading thinkers on social media are and learning from them. 

Can You Learn This On Your Own?

 The reason we suggest courses is because it means you cut the learning curve as you getting information from people who have essentially done the hard work for you. What you could learn in minutes on this course, could take you months or longer on your own.

There is material in this program that you may never learn on your own and you have to keep in mind learning on your own means you have to know where you can get the information.

Is This Course All You Will Ever Need To Learn On Social Media?

Social media is still evolving so you will continually need to invest in your knowledge in this area but what this course does very effectively is to show you the framework of what you should know about running a social media agency.

Part of that is showing the technical side of posting content and how to do it on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others.

The other part they show you is acquiring clients and the operational side of the business. We found the sales part of this course particularly helpful as the principles they teach can be applied in any business.

Will It Work For Me?

This course is NOT a gamble or some sort of game where you might hit the jackpot if you are lucky!

If you study the material and take actions you will see results and it will be proportional to the effort you put in. 

Does it matter how old I am?

Age doesn’t matter and there will be pros cons to being younger or older.

If you are younger then you will probably be using social media a lot already. If you are older you may not be as clued up to social media but you will have life experience and a network which will help you build your business very quickly.

Someone on our team taught his Mum Twitter and she now has 20,000 active followers that she interacts with. 

I Have No Experience In Sales

There is a guy called Joe Soto who teaches on this course who gives some great insights on how to sell your social media services to people. He also gives you some great tips that can be applied to sales in general and gives you some great recommendations on books.  

What Do I need to Get Started

A decent phone is a minimum requirement to get started and having some money to invest in a website wouldn’t hurt as it will show to your clients you are serious. You can get clients without a website as most people are more interested in the results you can get for them. 

Is There A Payment Plan?

Yes there is a payment plan. 

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

There is a money back guarantee of 30 days. They also promise that if you take action and do not get a client within the first 30 days then they will give you a full refund, let you keep the course material, and give you a check of $100 for wasting your time. That is a very good deal as they are taking the risk of you just taking the course and just asking for your money back. The truth is the course has what you need to get started and they have piles of testimonials of people who have had huge results. 

What The Course Looks Like On the Inside

The Main Hub

The main hub of the program has each section that you click to enter and which reveals all the course material for each phase. 


When you are in one of the sections you will find navigation at the top and at the side of the screen. The video you select to watch will be loaded underneath the top navigation and to the left of the side bar navigation. 


The production quality for the videos is of a high standard as all the video are clear with good audio. Each video has the option for you to select a low quality size if you are watching from a somewhere with slow internet. The videos also have a speed function so you can watch an listen to the videos up to double the speed, which is a great time hack. 


All of the lessons can be downloaded as MP3s. There are also some downloads from certain instructors. Joe Soto has given some priceless downloads that he uses in his business. 


To get your certification you must complete the lessons by answering the questions. The comments can be very helpful to read through as see what other people have taken away from the lessons. 

What We Thought of The Course

Review Summary

Our Initial Thoughts On The Product
Our team were initially very sceptical about The Social Media Marketing Agency Course as there were no other courses like it at the time.
We had done other programs with The Knowledge Society (The 67 Steps) which gave us some familarity in the quality of what they produce. 
We also rang up The Knowledge Society (the people who put this course together) clarifying what was in the program. They were really helpful and did everything they could to help us with the decision without being too salesy.

What The Course Covered
In terms of the social media, the SMMA covers the main areas you need like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Snapchat. You also get taught about branding, building a team and the operational side of this business. 

We get a lot of readers from Pinterest and so far they have no content on Pinterest but despite that, the content is still very strong. 

It took us over a week to go through the whole course and they have continued to add content since it was released.

They also have hosted regular live calls which have been amazing. These calls have a range of specialists who teach on different areas of social media. 

Another thing that has been great about the course is that it has made us aware of other social media products and tools that were on the market. 

There is an active Facebook group that was really supportive to its members and many of the instructors post on there.

Tutors On The Course Who Really Impacted Us

SMMA is taught by people who run their own social media agencies which makes it a perfect tool as it is information that works.

Joe Soto is one of the instructors who runs his own social media agency and is featured in quite a few videos.

His videos are full of helpful advice on sales, management as well as over the shoulder walkthroughs of how to do Facebook advertising.

He has a story about the power of Facebook ads. Joe knew someone who had a restaurant who were losing money. Joe said that he could increase their sales by 30k per week using social media. He did what he promised and got the client extra sales and of course, they have continued doing business together.

Joe is one of the many instructors on the SMMA who will help you navigate your way through the social media maze. All of the teachers have businesses doing what they teach which is why what they teach works. 
Our Closing Thoughts

The content on the SMMA is very good and there is more than enough information in there for you to start a business and become profitable.

It will also help you if you are looking to work with an agency as you will know what criteria to hire them on.

You can’t be successful doing this unless you put the time in and that goes without saying for any business but it is worth repeating and stressing.

It is very easy to think you can buy a course and then it all just magically comes together. You will have to go through the course more than once and step by step put your business together.

Another thing to consider is that you can go in many directions with this course.

You could specialise in just Facebook Ads, Instagram, SEO or landing pages. 

One tutor build funnels for clients and charges $40k per funnel based on the results he gets. We are not saying you will get that sort of money straight away but it gives you an idea of what is possible.

They give you a lot of options that you could go in and as we mentioned before if you already have a business this will be an invaluable resource to help you stay ahead of your competitors.  

We have been more than pleasantly surprised with the SMMA. The course has a lot of great info on all areas of business, not just social media.

If this article has sparked some interested and you would like to find out more. just click the link above or below to find out more about the program. 

Thanks for your time!

Tools To Help You Become Your Best

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Making money online is something everyone is trying out but regardless of your niche, you will need to know how to drive traffic to your blog of service. In this blog we look at a tool we found that can teach you digital marketing skills. | social media agency | how to start a social media business | social media agency branding | social media agency digital marketing | social media agency tips | social media agency | #socialmediaagency… #socialmediamarketing #socialmediamanagement #socialmedia

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