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Making Notes - A Life With Intention

Making Notes

Making notes is great way to make a record of your journey and it will help you stay organised. You could be making notes on things you need to do, important info from a meeting or a talk or something that has inspired you.

Notes can easily get out of hand on your desk so we found the app Evernote makes for a tidy simple solution to having all your notes in one place.

There are other apps out there that you could try so please do some research and choose the one that bests suits you and your needs. We really like Evernote as it is very flexible and free! 🙂

Step 1

Download Evernote. Evernote is free app that makes taking notes very easy and efficient. You can click >here< to download it or click on the picture below.





Step 2

The next step is to make note books within Evernote so that you can access a note within a topic. For example you maybe be writing a journal, making notes on books you are reading or you have a to do list. Rather than just having all your notes in one huge long list, if you keep it categorised you can access your notes via a topic. This will make it very easy to manage and there is a search function if you can’t find your note.

This is very handy but make sure you title your notes so that it is easy to reference later. Evernote will be a great tool to use for any of the info we give you as you could have notebooks based on the areas that you are learning about; books, courses, books to read. There is no rush to fill Evernote with notebooks; keep it simple always work best.









There is a lot more you can do with Evernote but that is all you need to get started! If you are interested about learning more about Evernote click >here< to read more about this app.