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How To Invest In Yourself - A Life With Intention
how to invest in yourself, how to invest in yourself tips, how to invest in yourself learning, how to invest in yourself life, how to invest in yourself tools

How To Invest In Yourself

how to invest in yourself, how to invest in yourself tips, how to invest in yourself learning, how to invest in yourself life, how to invest in yourself tools

About This Series

The videos in this series are based on a blog we wrote called 10 Ways To Improve Your Life Today. In this blog we covered some life changing mindsets and steps you can take to build an amazing life. 

The strategies that we put in that post and these videos can be used in your work, your relationships and your own self development to help you build a life your love.

These strategies are really simple and easy to start today so we hope we can inspire you to take action.

We have to make sure we give credit to the inspiration for the previously mentioned blog and this video series. It is a really amazing resource that has helped us grow as individuals and build a life we love.

Make sure you get your FREE GIFT that is mentioned in the video below as it has some tools that will help you build an optimal life.

A Quick Hello!

Hey! My name is Rachel Swan and I am part of the team at A Life With Intention. I write most of our blogs but the ideas behind them are a team effort.

The mission of A Life With Intention is to share our journey of growth to help other people on theirs. 

We hope that the content that we post here will be helpful to you and if there is anything you would like to see featured please drop me an email! 

The Best Investment You Can Make

Investing in yourself is hugely underrated but if you study the habits of successful people they all invest in themselves with some sort of coaching from mentors and trainers.

You may not have the budget for coaching or mentors but there is a solution that is cheaper than coffee with the transformative power to change your life. 

In the video below we highlight this option for self investment in the hope you will take action and start to develop this incredibly life changing habit. 

“Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself”. Warren Buffet

Why Read?

Books and more to the point reading is an important skill to cultivate for many reasons. The main one is that reading and taking action on what you have read can help to improve your life and save you time.

I will level with you…sometimes I hate reading and I can’t be bothered to do it. There I said it!

That being said I also know that reading (learning from experienced people) has changed my life and is a huge factor of success. 

There is plenty evidence of this by looking at people who have risen from the crowd. You will see from their lives that in most cases books have played an integral part in their development.

Tesla, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Jack White and Tim Ferris are all people who read regularly. The most successful CEOs read on average a book a week; 50 books a year. These are very successful people and they make time to read…so it makes sense that I do too.

What If I Struggle With Reading?

We recently found an amazing tool that has doubled the number of books I read in a month with half the effort and in turn our it has changed my lives and the work I do for A Life With Intention. 

It uses all the learning styles (visual, auditory & kinesthetic) to help you learn the concepts from the books at a faster speed. 

The biggest feature by far is the fact that you are getting taught by the authors of the books. This is an amazing way of reading, we have called it smart reading.

Click the link to find out more about this cutting-edge learning tool. If you don’t read you are missing out on moving forward quickly.

Learn about smart reading today. 

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Your Free Gift

Before you go we also wanted to make sure you had a chance to get the FREE GIFT that is mentioned in the video. It is a really handy resource that will give you some tools to build the life you want. We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for your time and we hope to see you again!

Tools To Help You Become Your Best

Check out our other blogs which have tools to help you grow and content to inspire you.

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